Mavericks install on GA-Z77-DS3H w/GT640

Aug 6, 2010
GA-Z77-DS3H rev.1.0
i7 3770
GTX 980
MacBook Air
Mobile Phone
MB: GA-Z77-DS3H rev 1.1
CPU: i5 3570K OC'd to 4.3 GHz
RAM: 32 GB DDR3 (4x8GB)
Airport Mini PCIe Wifi Card
Logictech Webcam
Apple Magic Mouse, Tack Pad and KB
Apple BT custom made internal USB

Ok so first many thanks to the folks here at TonyMacx86 - MacMan, Tony, Toleda and PJALM - you guys rock!
So start off down load OS X 10.9 from App Store and follow guide for UniBeast install - see here:
I prefer a clean install - however you can Migrate settings from time machine from Mountain Lion if you like
I use Clover as my boot loader so once I boot into the the OS for the first time I only select specific drivers from Multibeast. I will post the options for this board.
Once you log in for the first time here are the MultiBeast options I chose:

Audio: VooDooHDA 2.8.4
Network: Shailua's Atheros drivers
3rd Party Sata
Trim patch for 10.9
FakeSMC v.
Hibernate Mode Desktop

Clover version 2236
UEFI Install
Install to ESP
Choose all themes
choose UEFI 64 bit drivers: DataHubDxe-64; EMUVariableUEFI-64; OSXAptioFixDrv-64
Install RC Scripts
Install Optional RC Scripts
Install Clover Preference Pane

Once you install make sure you create a config.plist by going to terminal and entering this code: /usr/local/bin/clover-genconfig >config.plist
You will then have to tweak it a little based on your system and preferences - see various Clover resources for "How To"
Install your Ivybridge SSDT and if you like a custom DSDT in EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched

Reboot and you should be good to go! Everything works other than sleep on demand - however auto sleep and wake work just fine - which works for me.

Geekbench is 13,900 and iCloud, iMessage, Facetime, App Store all work great.

Again the only glitch I need to figure out is sleep on demand - but everything is working great and I can sleep based on Energy setting timer in preferences. Good luck this is a great board and really easy to get native powermangement, HDMI audio and everything else working great.

Curious: why DataHubDxe-64 and EMUVariableUEFI-64? I have the Z77-DS3H rev. 1.0—should I be using that as well?