Mavericks Boot issues with 780ti Card, Z77X UD5H MB

Jul 29, 2014
i7 3770k
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
PC Specs: i7-3770k CPU, GB z77 UD5H MB, 16GB GSkill RAM, PNY 780 ti GC, 256 GB MX100 SSD

I don't even know where to begin. :-X Every step in this process has been a struggle. So when I finally got OS x installed, which by the way I needed to use my intel graphics and remove the 780ti since it would keep freezing. So after the initial install, what would happen is it would be fine until the first reboot. After that happens I get stuck on a weird grey screen with my cursor but the really weird part is it's a dual display side by side on one screen. Pic provided to show what I'm talking about.20140801_195149.jpg

I've tried so many different guides and combinations of BIOS settings with different boot flags, both with and without my 780ti attached, and I haven't been able to boot to the desktop since the actual install. Not sure what else I can do, I just want to get this working!

FYI I did follow this guide from Pullerz post and believe I did it correctly, but no luck with that either...

More pics of different errors while trying different settings.