Macpro 2011 Sierra, dual screen not working

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Nov 3, 2016
Hi lads,

I've signed up to this forum because I've got a problem thats killing me and I can't find the solution on google..

After El Capitan I've had numberous problems with my Titan X Graphic card, flickering screens and dotted pixels etc. Updating drivers helped, but after a while the Mac said that the nvidia drivers were no longer active and the probs came back..

Long story short, when Sierra came out, I thought that would be my rescue! But now it's gotten worse. My second screen doesn't work anymore. I'm working on 2 mac screens one on the hdmi and one thats plugged in the DVI. When I try to even make contact with the DVI plug, my first screen goes black aswell as the one I'm trying to connect. So then I have to reboot the mac. When I just leave out the DVI, the mac and the first screen both work fine. This happened right after the update, so I don't think the cable is broken..

How is this possible and how can this be fixed? Does anyone have had similar problems? Im working as a film maker / video editor and I really need my second screen for work! :X

Any help or info is greatly appreciated!
Same problem few hours ago, with GTX660Ti on GTA-X79-UD5.
Try to disable "Inject NVidia" (Clover Configurator/Graphics).
Works for me ;) I recovered my 2x DVI and 1x HDMI monitors.
Hey Aldwinn,

Thanks for your reply. From what I understand Clover Configurator is software? Is this only for hackintosh or also for the real deal macpro's?
Still haven't found the solution! Can I use Clover Configurator on my 'real' mac aswell?
Still haven't found the solution! Can I use Clover Configurator on my 'real' mac aswell?
No you can't
The Clover Configurator application is designed to help you create/edit custom configuration files for the Clover EFI bootloader via a streamlined graphical interface.
That's what I expected aswell.. So unfortunately that wont solve my problem..Anyone else know what's up?
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