MacOS X 10.8 mixing up displays

Nov 30, 2012
Gigabyte Z77N-Wifi
Intel i7-3770
AMD Radeon 6570
  1. MacBook
  2. Mac mini
Classic Mac
  1. Power Mac
Mobile Phone
I'm hoping this is just a quick question and answer, but I hit a bit of a brick wall and I've not been able to find the solution online through trusty Google, on here, or any other mac-related site. So, I thought I'd ask. Forgive me if this is something that's already been asked and answered.

I have a test 10.8 environment set up with a Gigabyte MB, Intel I7 Quad processor, 16GB RAM, and a AMD Radeon 6570 PCI-Express graphics card (1 x HDMI and 1 x DVI-D). To this computer, I've connected one LG W2252 16:10 monitor (max res: 1680x1050) via the HDMI port and one Asus VX248H 1080p monitor via the HDMI port. GraphicsEnabler is set to "Yes" to support the dual monitors.

What I'm seeing is that while Mac OS 10.8 recognizes both monitors, it's mixing up the monitors. When I open up the display preferences, it places a settings window on each monitor; however the settings window for the VX248H is showing on the LG W2252, and the W2252 settings window is showing on the VX248H. When I attempt to change the resolution on the settings window titled "W2252", it actually changes the resolution on the monitor VX248H (and vice versa). If I attempt to mirror the displays, there's no real common resolution and frequency that's supported by both (without everything getting too large due to a small resolution).

Holding the Option key on the displays does show the "Detect Displays" button; however, pressing that button does absolutely nothing. Downloading "Display Menu" from the App Store also shows both displays, but again attempts to change the resolution on the incorrect monitor.

I've tried setting "GraphicsEnabler=No": that freezes the Mac on boot (with dual displays). I've tried booting into Single User mode and clearing the nvram, kext cache, and Library/Preferences/ no luck. I've tried temporarily moving the Overrides folder in /System/Library/Displays: again, no luck. I've also tried running the following command in Terminal:

ioreg -lw0 | grep IODisplayPrefsKey

... to identify the vendor and product ID's so I can manually edit the plist files in the Overrides folder; however, there are no folders for either of the vendors reported and no plist files for either of the product id's reported. Terribly frustrating.

I'm beginning to think that perhaps the whole settings for Mac's window server has just gotten corrupt. In the *nix world, there's a configuration file for X11 that defines the resolutions to use, but Mac doesn't really use X11 by default. Do you guys know if there's something equivalent in the Mac world that I can manually fix to tell Mac OS which monitor is connected to which port and what resolutions/frequencies are supported by said monitor?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!