macOS Ventura is Now Available From the Mac App Store

How about the sleep/wake up problem ?
I have the same issue on my 6700k build (and always had it) on Skylake, I just solved it by preventing the computer from sleeping (i.e., I either shut it down or leave it with screen locked).

Remember to tick the setting to prevent the computer from automatically sleeping when monitor is off.
iMac 2014 ;)
OC 0.8.5
Full succes
Zrzut ekranu 2022-11-5 o 21.32.01.png
Successfully upgraded.

  • Bluetooth and wifi not working but I do not need them really.
  • Don't forget to apply new patches from Git.
  • I also had to disable the AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement.
Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 03.19.35.png
So far so good, took about 30 mins once download with multiple reboots.

Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 10.23.56 PM.png
Have updated my Dell laptop with success - OC 8.4 and updated kexts
5 steps :
1) creation of a new APFS volume from my main one
2) download the official AppStore installer
3) install Ventura on the new APFS volume from my main one
4) boot to the Ventura volume (it was quite automatic as the installer seems to make Ventura as boot disk)
4) transfer my data using the Apple Migration tool

The installer failed one reboot with the forbidden symbol - but pressing "enter" enabled to go ahead
When the installation has been finished I loosed audio , but a cold boot make it come back again
Thanks! I'll try that. Yeah - tracking changes and individual updates is tough when I'm only digging around in here once or twice a year. In between the OS upgrades, the platform performs exactly as I need it to for literally months at a time between reboots sometimes(!)

Update: And all done! That OCAT tool rocks once you figure out from the slightly outdated docs how it works - it definitely takes care of the heavy-lifting and quick too! After that, the upgrade to Ventura was absolutely seamless! Time to explore :)
Oh and sorry if not directly relevant but I thought I'd go back and check to see if anything had changed on the 'no Ethernet' status of the 'Gigabyte Z490 Vision G'. I actually don't recall what OS/OC versions we lost it but I've literally had it unplugged ever since and just been using wireless instead. Unfortunately, my router only supports up to 100Gb/s vs the 300Gb/s coming in via fiber. Lo and behold - I plugged it in and I have activity lights! I switched off wireless in OSX and boom! Full bandwidth - soooooo stoked! Like I say - I'm not sure f the fix was OC ver related or a combo of the latest OS with OC but at this point I don't care.

Just noting it in case relevant to someone else here.
Anyone with ASrock X299 Extreme4 mobo to provide EFI for Ventura? Thnx