macOS to Run on the iPad Pro in 2020 ?


Jul 31, 2012
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The author of this video has an interesting idea. Maybe Apple will bring a touch version of macOS to the iPad Pro and possibly turn MacBooks into ARM devices that run macOS. Have a look and see what you think. A product like this might get me to consider buying an iPad. You can start watching at the 4:27 timestamp to 7:23 if you just want to see that prediction.

I for one would like to see a touch version of macOS for tablets and MacBooks and a continuation of the x86 version of macOS for the Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro desktops. That would be a best case scenario and give Apple a real advantage over their competitors in the laptop and tablet space while also keeping their Pro and Prosumer customers happy. Looking longer term, Apple will probably be converting everything to run on their own A series ARM based chips once those have evolved enough to work well in an iMac Pro or Mac Pro. For the next five years, I think we'll continue to see either Intel or AMD chips in Mac desktops. If they try to completely switch everything over to ARM based A chips in 2020, as many have predicted, it would be too abrupt of a change and significantly reduce sales of desktop Macs. Many Mac users would say goodbye to Apple altogether. You could also guess that many software companies would stop making Mac software too.

Current Mac Mini (2018), iMac Pro and Mac Pro (2019) owners would be furious if their new machines have support dropped in a few years after 2020. I had that very thing happen in 2005 when I bought a G4 Mac mini and two years later it was basically obsolete. I had no idea they were going to switch to all Intel Macs in 2006 when I purchased it in the latter part of 2005. I could upgrade it from Tiger to Leopard in 2007 and that was the end of the line for macOS upgrades. It wasn't all bad though, I got to build a lot of really good Intel based hackintoshes that cost much less and performed way better so I guess it all worked out ok.
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