macOS Sierra Does NOT Boot with MacPro3,1 MacPro4,1 System Definitions

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Aug 14, 2010
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Would you care to be more specific about this you mean that a) Clover can be used as a stand alone boot loader, applied over a MultiBeast Chimera install without the need to create a Clover USB installer and reinstalling plus doing the post install stuff, and that, if we use Clover Configurator to only change the System Def, Sierra can be installed from the app store even if we've never used Clover for an install before? Hence, jumping from Yosemite to Sierra could be achieve that way without having to do a clean install then all of our software...or is it just a way to change the System Def quickly only to be able to download Sierra. AKA Clover Configurator can be used a little like Chameleon Wizard for SysDef, and SMBIOS and boot.plist
Chameleon/Chimera boot loader is a Legacy boot loader and does not boot UEFI systems in UEFI mode - hence the preferred boot loader in MultiBeast is now Clover since El Capitan. You can use MultiBeast to change the Chimera boot build system definition.

Whenever I upgrade I either clone the working drive and upgrade the clone first to evaluate the system before upgrading the working drive or I install-from-scratch on a clean drive. There are many techniques for doing this. UniBeast if you do not have a working system already, cloning or installing on an extra drive and moving that drive to a new build for instance. Whatever works best for you.

If your system is Legacy BIOS like the early Sandy Bridge or X58 platforms, then Clover installed Legacy mode is the best bet if you want to run UEFI based OS on Legacy BIOS. Chimera/Chameleon just will not work, although the Chameleon team did manage to get a version of Chameleon working somewhat with El Capitan.

Since you have a system in each category, suggest use an iMac definition for the Z77, download Sierra, take a new drive and connect it and install Sierra to the new drive. Install Clover to a USB drive, move both to the Asus build and boot to desktop to complete your post install, loading your audio and internet kexts and installing Clover to the drive. The advantage of this is it leaves you with an emergency boot USB.