macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

Can anyone advise whether EIST / power stepping and OC on Ivy Bridge I7-3700K can occur in Mojave?

Currently 4.5Ghz on OC but had to disable EIST in BIOS to achieve.


Backup OS drive and EFI folder to back up drive.

EIST in BIOS set to auto

Load Clover Configurator and mount EFI, load config.plist
In Acpi enable "pluginType"
In Kernel and Kext patches enable "KernalXCPM"
Save config.plist


This allowed overclocking and speed stepping with Overclocked values without need for SSDT on my GA-Z77X-UPH TH motherboard.
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I am confused, I have installed the newest clover version, KernelXCPM Enable, Plugin Tye=1 PiLimit Dict = 0.
But I can't find "PR00@0/plugin-type=1" or X86PlatformPlugin in my IO RegistryExplorer.

So now I have a lot of question :)

- I think when I can't find the IO Registry entry for X86PlatformPlugin or plugin-type=1 some one is wrong?
- I need to generate an ssdt.aml for my cpu or it is supported natively on Mojave 10.14.6?
- Is the boot flag -xcpm and CLOVER -> Kernel and Kext Patches KernelXCPM the same or I need booth?
- So many option but was is the right one (combination) for my system ?


After sleep over and try again it's working now, X86PlatformPlugin loaded. I don't need an ssdt.aml :)

But intel Power Gadget not show CORE and DRAM in the Power pane?

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For me, Intel Power Gadget (3.5.5 - newest) never shows DRAM in Power pane. Only shows PKG and CORE.
Intel Power Gadget (3.5.5 - newest) never shows DRAM in Power pane. Only shows PKG and CORE.
Power only shows PKG and it is not correct, too low.
See Post #1/Supported CPU/IGPU/1. Ivy Bridge/HD4000
Did you implement exactly as noted?
Dear toleda, yes - looking at Mac74's post - something is wrong. But I was talking about my situation - Intel Power Gadget never shows DRAM in Power pane section. Only PKG and CORE.


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Hi there,

I see i7-9xxx in the list but no i9-9xxx. Does it mean that there is no need for custom ssdt with i9 series processor?
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