macOS High Sierra is Now Available on the Mac App Store

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My Acer took the update like a champ. Used createinstallmedia and booted from the installer to do the upgrade. Only changes needed to my 100% working Sierra configuration was an upgrade to Clover and adding APFS.efi. Absolutely everything worked, including audio, on first boot; having gone through every update since Yosemite, this was the most painless. No problems with APFS so far.
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After failing to install High Sierra on my Hackintosh GA Z87MX-D3H + i7 4770S since the first betas, I've succeeded last week with the GM.
It's all about dropping MATS, MCFG and BGRT tables depending on your motherboard in the Clover config.plist file of your USB key installer.
Good luck to all who have troubles to install HS.
After few tests I can see a little better performance :headbang:

My Stock 7900X have 110 more points in Cinebench
and 100more points in SigleCore GeekBench Test
and almost 2000 points in MultiCore Score :D
So it works really great (if you have X299 and follow @kgp Guide) :)
I hope, it will be a little better performance for the other platforms too :)
Direct update went fine, but now it doesn't seem to recognize my internal 2TB backup hard drive. Any ideas?


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It appears that the update broke my AVB audio ethernet interface.... i have a link led but the interface does not show a link in network preferences and the MOTU AVB 1248 interface no longer sees the macOS AVB audio stream. I will do some more troubleshooting tomorrow and post back results. The interface used native mac drivers for the board i installed.

The card is a sonnet and I found this on their support site.

Temporarily Incompatible
(pending soon to be released driver update)

Presto Gigabit Pro PCIe
waiting for new UniBeast to create bootable usb. corrupt my file upgrading it
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my computer on chart card Nvidia GTX 960o 4Gb Web Driver for macOS 10.13 High Sierra as???
Why the Appstore downloads just 20 MB instead of 5 GB ?
I created an US Installation media
updated my HDD clone to High Sierra.

Boot successful

When Switching User accounts I get a pink screen as well as when shutting down the system :


I haven't managed to update clover un the HDD yet since I don't get it mounted. yet

Another thing is what I have noticed is that after selecting a user on the log screen , there is no animation, the not selected account just disappears and the other jumps to its place without animation.

I have now reassembled my main Sierra System and I keep getting the message that I need to enter my iCloud Password , annoying
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