MacOs Catalina - Video Card RX 5500 XT or RX580 ?

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Dec 12, 2015
Asus Z97-A
RX 580
hi everyone, i'm going to go from high sierra to catalina, i sold my old strix gtx 980, and i have to buy a new video card that natively supports catalina and future updates, i didn't want to spend a lot in fact initially i had opted for an Asus dual OC RX580, then thinking about it the card is already 3 years old and my fear is that it will lose support for the next updates, then doing some research on google I came across this RX 5500 XT card, which for the same price and performance are similar to the RX580, only that it is newer, now I wanted to know if this card is fully compatible with mac os catalina, (I know that the older sister the RX 5700 is compatible) however I noticed that the RX 5500 XT requires pciexpress 4.0 while mine Asus Z97-A motherboard has the Pciexpress 3.0 so I don't even know if it is backward compatible, the video card as well as being used on catalina will be used on windows 10 also from gaming with full-hd resolution and high / ultra settings.
I wanted to try using Final Cut Pro on catalina, are both cards compatible ???
that you recommend me to buy an RX580 or an RX 5500 XT ??? I hope that with the purchase of this new card I will not find it difficult being that I am a novice I have always used multibeast after the installation so that it installed me all automatically, obviously if with the RX 5500 XT it will be necessary to do many post- installation to make it work at its best I will opt for the RX580.
I apologize for my bad english, but I am using the google translator to speak on the forum.
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