macOS 13.4.1 Update

Went smoothly, without any dramas OC 0.9.0
Another quick and easy MacOS update on all three of my daily drivers.
Booting via OpenCore 0.9.3 + Latest Kexts
Update used the small download ~500MB and took around 15 mins with the usual 3 reboots.

Primary Z490 Desktop System (White Knight 2.0 in my build sig)
Secondary Z490 Desktop System (White Knight 2.1 in my build sig)
Kaby lake Laptop system (MonkeyBook Pro in my build sig)
I can confirm that the latest public build of BrcmPatchRAM (Version 2.6.7) fixes the bluetooth issue with macOS 13.4+, my laptop has a Broadcom BCM920703 Bluetooth chipset on a WiFi/BT combo card which I believe was one of the chipsets suffering from the BT changes in MacOS 13.4+ and its working just fine.

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 19.59.22.png

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Running OC 0.94 with the latest Kexts. I've had smooth computer updates since I started with OC .6x and expected the same this time too. This update had a problem during the installation. During the last reboot instead of coming up into the log in screen it came up in recovery mode and gave me choices to restore, install Ventura, or Disk Utility. I ran Disk Utility which did not find any errors on the disk and restarted, but the same screen came up with the same choices. I chose to install Ventura. I had to leave to have service done on my car which lasted 1.5 hours. When I walked in the door my login in screen was just as it was before the update as well as everything else on my computer, nothing lost and running 13.4.1 as well.
Quick update with no issues other than I forgot to turn off Beta updates so, at first, it wasn't showing up in Software Update.

Also can't remember if BT 5 showed up as Apple before - even though it's been running OpenIntelBluetooth drivers for a number of months now.
Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 5.36.45 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 5.34.44 PM.png
Direct update OC 0.9.3, latest kexts with no problem.
Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 1.36.01 PM.png
Updated on OpenCore 0.9.2 without any issues.