macOS 11.1 Update

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Everything perfect, updated OpenCore 0.64, I know absolutely nothing about the configuration with OpenCore, it's more complicated than Clover, thanks to this great TonyMacx86 post that explains everything about my motherboard Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming

Updated through Software Update without a hitch. Did not need to update OC or KEXTs. Everything works 100%!

Ryzen 3700X
Gigabyte Aorus X570 Elite
Gigabyte Vega 64 OC Gaming
OC 0.63
I was able to update on an internal drive but not the USB external SSD I would prefer to test things on first.

UPDATE: Made a USB installer and updated successfully off that.
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I upgraded my HP-8300 Ivy Bridge from 11.01 to 11.1 from OC 0.6.3 updated only my kexts and it went very smooth took about 10 to 15 min and all done
Updated from Big Sur 11.01 right to 11.1 without any problems..
1.Downloaded 11.1 Update from App Store.
2.Choose download and restart option.
3.The 1st reboot stated 10min to complete.
4.The 2nd reboot stated 36mins to complete.

Note : My volume label is "Hackintosh Big Sur "
installation created a startup disk labeled ( Macintosh HD )
I let it choose the startup disk automatically.

Fully working Big Sur 11.1 macOS.
Hope this helps : )
Have not updated my Hackintoshes yet, but if you want a funny story, the update seems to have bricked my M1 MacBook Pro. Have been dealing with Apple support all day. Nice people. Trying to be helpful, but.... it's their box. hahaha.
After reading many good results posted here, I decided to take the plunge and move to OpenCore. I was a bit hesitant after a first pass read of the Dortania's Install Guide, but I decided to follow it carefully and give it a try. After a lot of editing to EFI folder content, I figured there is no chance I did everything right.

Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! The install went perfectly and now I have Big Sur 11.1 up and running. I used my existing SSDT.aml from Catalina. I also tried AppleALC to work with Realtek ALC221 I but could not make that work. However, since I switched to using an external USB sound device a while ago, I did not pursue this much further. I went go back once and made an update based on the Guide, but no luck. So far everything seems to work as well as in Catalina.

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Updated to 11.1 using OC 0.6.3, a breeze all working except that it won’t open some apps. Will not recognize me as admin. Needed to use Terminal to open a couple. I saw a thread in the Apple Support forum detailing the problem and solution. So, it's not just me, apparently.

Will go to OC 0.6.4 now.
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