macOS 11.0 Big Sur is Now Available on the Mac App Store

yah because : Users may not have been able to download macOS Software Updates on Mac computers.
But it's marked as "resolved". The text has not been changed.
I finally got the update
But still having errors while trying to update :(
That seems dumb but it's accurate: the update didn't propagate through the CDN as it should and it crashed their CDN, causing it to fail. The CDN is back up, but they remove public access to the update (specifically the InstallAssistant.pkg file) while they wait for it to propagate throughout all the CDNs, before making it "available" again. So: the problem with the CDN is fixed, but the update is not yet available to all, hence the "green" but the update still being unavailable to most of us! ;)
yeah there is a blog on macrumours about this error message. If the download servers are that unstable, how bad is the OS?? :lol:
Let's go guys


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Still not working