macOS 11.0 Big Sur is Now Available on the Mac App Store

It took the plunge....starting with switching to OpenCore on my main hack. Installing BigSur was a breeze after that.


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Well after many fails I finally could install macOS 11.0.1. I’m on GA-z270 ultra gaming 5 + i7-7700 + rx580. Everithing is working properly amd smooth. Used OC 0.6.3 on a USB installer. The instalation replaced my previous Catalina system without the need of reinstall everything again.


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Installed 11.1 RC with OC 0.6.4, very smooth update.

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Installed Big Sur 11.1 using Clover r5126 without issues.
Installation has been longer then Catalina's one, but actually everything seems to be working right.
iCloud account, App Store, iMessage, audio, Bluetooth, wifi, USB.
It feels so strange! :D

[EDIT] Sometimes the system has strange behaviours. It stops responding, something like a freeze, but after one or two minutes I see a message "trackpad disconnected". usb keyboard and mouse doesn't work, so I hare to reset the system with power button. Probably some kind of bug, somewhere.
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Tried to install Big Sur on a NUC8i5BEH. Well, it works! Only problem i had (and more people do) is
when using Chrome or Safari in full screen mode (Netflix or Youtube) the colors of the nightlight are
changing when using full screen or subtitles in Netflix. Already found a better solution for this than
disabling hardware features in Chrome. Besides that...I'm happy!