macOS 10.13.6 Update

Updated via App Store. No problems at all. expect Usb 3.0 I hope we nee new port limit path for this

I found the new port limit patch for 10.13.6.

Check it out.

                <string>USB 10.13.6+ by PMHeart&FredWst</string>

New USB Raise Port Limit Patch for High Sierra
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Updated my budget hack (clover, apfs.efi, combo).

No problems.

10 GbE AppleEthernetAquantiaAqtion still works natively.

Thanks Tony.
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Updated fine from the MAS on an iMac Pro 1,1 SMBIOS.

It rebooted 3 times I think.

I manually extracted required files from Clover r4586 (I aways run into issues if I run the installer and I like to keep things tidy) and replaced the old ones and all is well.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 6.54.33 PM.png
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My i7 2600K Sandy Bridge desktop (High Sierra) said "I have an iTunes update, want to install it?" so I said "Sure!" and it said "Haha, I'm installing an OS update for you too! Shall I reboot now?" and I said "NO" and it said "Haha, I'm rebooting now!"

Rebooted twice during the install. The second time, Clover defaulted to my Windows drive for some reason, but I quickly pointed it to "macOS Install" before it continued. Perfectly normal install; no problems.

Of course the Nvidia drivers (I have a 970) aren't updated yet, but I simply ran "sudo -m 17G65" and rebooted, and now the previous driver is working fine.

I decided to press my luck and upgrade Clover as well (from 4542 to 4586). I used Clover Configurator to download and run the Clover installer. Added AptioMemoryFix-64.efi, PartitionDxe-64.efi, and ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi to the default selections, manually deleted apfs.efi from /Volumes/EFI//EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI, rebooted, and watched breathlessly to see if everything would work ... and it did! I'm back up and running under 10.13.6 with video and sound and everything else apparently working fine. Haven't tried sleep yet. Let's see if that works...

Edit: yup!
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No problems :

10 13 6.png
Updated to 10.13.6 via App Store:
(+updated APFS.efi in Clover EFI partition)

on a HP probook 450 g4 (Kaby lake)
...lost audio/brightness controls...
rebooted 2 times (no fix)...
[ran post install script]
(as per Probook hot patch method)

cd ~/Projects/probook.git
audio/brightness controls
work fine on reboot

[Using Clover from]:
Rehabman Clover Fork r4444
Everything went alright for me besides one of my displays, displays a pink picture with my desktop on it.
The effected display is connected via DVI while the other display which is on HDMI is not effected.
Any Ideas on how to fix it?
Asus RX 460
Updated Clover bootloader before start installation. Everything ok after 5 auto reboots.