macOS 10.13.3 Update

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Updated, but broke my Intel graphics. :banghead::banghead: This is what happened during the installation and then the dim login screen is what I get after the installation was completed.

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Still not available via App Store for me, so I downloaded the Combo update. A little concerned because the Apple guidance page suggests using the step update rather than the combo if running 10.13.2. However I can report it worked as expected - initially telling me it would take 45-minutes but completing in less than 10, probably nearer 5.

All as it should be, with the exception of absent sound. Re-installed the driver using MultiBeast, without any config edits, and devices present and working again.

Ok - so system running fine after update. Unfortunately, I have noticed some slowdown/stuttering video in safari, and to a lesser degree other browsers. Hopefully this will be addressed in a future update.
Well, I couldn't tolerate the stutter/slowdown. I reverted to the Nvidia webdriver for 10.13.2 (378. Everything is back to being smooth as butter. I hope Nvidia works out their driver issues....
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Upgrade complete
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Update. Boot time seems much slower after upgrading to 10.13.3. I decided to go back to 10.13.2 because of it. I'll just wait until 10.13.4 hits to upgrade again. Running APFS here.
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