macOS 10.12.6 Update

I don't know. I'm read many posts and this is little confused for me. in this case I will enable trim, thank you.

hmm, bad news, my 850evo don't support trim :cry:


or this is mean the trim is not enabled?

sorry for confused questions, I'm new on hackintosh :)
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Successfully upgraded. Did not face any issues.


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Updated without problem! :)


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Hey Guys,

I am stuck with the 10.12.6 update.
Used the Mac App Store to do the update from very well running 10.12.5 and now I am stuck with a kernel panic before the update process starts.

I attached the photo of the panic maybe some one can make some sens of it.

My rig has the following components:
Asrock Z170M Extreme4 Mobo
1080 GTX
TP-Link PCIe Wifi
Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD

This config was running flawless with 10.12.5

Things I tried but didn't work:
- boot in verbose, safe mode, without injecting kexts
- removing the fakecpu id to have native Kaby Lake support
- boot with nv_disable=1

I am using 14.2 iMac SMBIOS.

I suspect the 950 Pro NMVe ssd is maybe the cause of the problem.
I found a Clover config.plist kext patch at Piker Alpha:

Can this patch fix the kernel panic?

Help me pls
I would like to avoid a clean install of the system if possible.
Did you remove the original IONVMEFamily.kext, generate and use new? from
This update wont install for me.. gets 5mins through and reboots..downloaded both of them.. app store and the link from apple website same thing.. Ok fixed.. But needed to boot from usb install to install update.. Why is that??
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