macOS 10.12.4 Update

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Keep going! :)

As @violetdragon says, you probably need to start with a bare config.plist to get the system up and running. Don't worry about sound and USB 3.0, don't worry about serial numbers (you can always re-use your previous one etc)

If you have a UniBeast 7.0 stick, boot with it but don't choose the Sierra drive, instead boot to the UniBeast "External" volume. When the install screen comes up, don't go further, go to the Tools menu at the top and run Terminal. Then try copying the UniBeast config.plist over to your main Sierra drive using Terminal commands.

You will get there in the end :)
It was Unibeast. I am using 7.1.1 and its a success. I am in my drive now. It is corrupted enough that it won't boot but I can see it from another install I just did. thanks for the help and support.
Folks now that some of us has updated relatively easy and is admiring the all new Sierra :clap:, just a heads up, log into iTunes and check that you can still play iTunes trailers and the movies in your library. This update will inevitably break the ability to play movies or trailers for some of you. As I had to install a new graphics card to overcome a flickering screen, I had to go through the whole process to be able to play my movie collection again and found it surprisingly easier this time around as I didn't have to delete AppleIntelHD300GraphicsVADriver.Bundle kext from S/L/E this time with this NVIDIA card. Good luck all :thumbup:.
One old an a couple of new things that have happened here ...

I'm still getting the random system lock-ups, even with r4045 of Clover and moving the kexts from EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other to L/E. Managed an hour earlier, then crunch.

1) Spookily I have uninstalled the Nvidia web-driver for 10.12.4, re-installed macOS 10.12.3, then, as required reverted to the earlier Nvidia drivers to get acceleration. Now, after upgrading again to 10.12.4 I get acceleration *without* installing the latest Nvidia driver...

2) I've discovered that Apple Mail updates all mail when it performs the 10.12.4 update. This makes it unreadable if you go back to 10.12.3 - as I just did.

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I installed 10.12.1 on this processor with no issues. Then 10.12.4 comes out and I can't boot to my drive. Just restarts. So I created a new Unibeast USB and now it doesn't work. This is why I don't think its my processor.
It is possible your motherboard does not implement native NVRAM, or if it does that Clover is not able to access it properly.

Though i have not paid much attention to the underlying process of recent updates as they kind of just work for me, there is some interesting info here that might explain why/how an additional entry is presented in the boot menu when we reboot during update/install, using data passed in NVRAM variables - and why for some people this entry just does not appear.

Unibeast UEFI installation of Clover does not currently include EmuVariable-UEFI-64.efi driver or Clover .rc scripts as an option and these may be necessary for some boards to complete the installation.

You can use the Clover installation package from the project page to install with these options.
Everything seems to be working for me post update, thanks to all of you and your very helpful advice
1. Updated Clover
2. Cloned my drive with carbon copy cloner, and made time machine backup
3. Updated to 10.12.4 via App store
4. put up with flickering distorted graphics on reboot
5. NVIDIA preference pane prompted me to update graphics drivers and reboot again
6. All appears to be working fine: graphics, sound, ethernet, "night shift", bluetooth, app store
I have an unresolved issue with sound after the upgrade. The problem is that sound seems to be on a wah-wah wave.. Unuseable..

Is this the place to post or should I go to the audio forum?

I include a quick grab of the contant looping messages in console..


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load DisableMonitor, Clicking on the app’s status bar icon (on the top right corner) brings up a list of all detected monitors, along with their supported resolutions. try on one of the resolution that w/o flicker.
Thank You!! You my friend, saved me a lot of trouble today. :)
Which version Clover' do you use?

Latest as well. I was struggling to get unibeast to work, but with the version 710 released today its working again. Did a disk image of my system JUST in case. ahah will update now.

No surprises, everything working after app store update. I set nightshift to sunset-sunrise, it's already night, it did not kick in, how does it work normally?

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How do I update the NVMe patch? The HackrNVMeFamily-10_12_3.kext works fine, but I should update it.

Grabbing the git repo and running it per the instructions just gives me an error
╰─> ./ -spoof 10_12_4
Error: NVMe_patches_-spoof.plist does not exist!

╰─> ./ 10_12_4
Creating patched HackrNVMeFamily-10_12_4.kext
Vanilla MD5 matches expected MD5 entry (cd81a56a2baa193cc1c66e8b52a618e7)
Patched MD5 matches expected MD5 entry (ba321f2b26770f1f9faebbf627b29b35)

The non-spoof 10.12.4 kext wouldn't boot.
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