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May 11, 2021
MacBook Pro 8.2
Intel i7 Quad core
Intel HD Graphics 3000 512MB
This may sound silly but I have a Late 2011 MacBook Pro that was refurbished in Late 2016 running Mac OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite). I have an iPad Air (A1475), iPhone 5s, iPhone 7, iPhone X, and iPhone XS. My 5s froze on me a couple years ago during a software update while attempting a backup using iTunes on my MacBook Pro, Apple support advice didn't provide mush help. I bought an iPhone 7 and a few months ago the sound and ringer deceased to an unacceptable point for me so I got a refurbished iPhone X, three weeks into use while charging it got hot and a few hours later went dark wit no response, stuck in recovery mode, Apple support and Geek squad unable to remedy, but will sell me another for $600 with my X as a "trade-in". I purchased a program to fix them as no one else has been able to yet. I updated itunes to the latest version I could get for my MacBook, my Mac OS is the newest version available. The program worked at restoring my 5s, but failed on my X, i bought a new XS (with 1 year warranty) and figured I could wait to remedy the problem. Three weeks in and my XS connects to internet and cellular data but won't load content over WiFi. Again, Apple support no help and my program failed as well. With a newer version of Mac OS I can update iTunes and maintain my other Apple devices with my MacBook. I had a similar problem several years ago with an older Titanium PowerBook G4, went so far as to agree to Beta test for Apple to see if I could gain insight, eventually ended up buying a couple versions of Mac OS on Amazon (Lion and Yosemite) and fixed the G4.

I've said a lot already, now here's my question: I like my MacBook but want to upgrade to a newer Mac OS version. Apple says Yosemite is the latest version I can install however, the last 32 bit OS is Mojave, My system meets requirements for RAM, CPU, and has over 600GB of 1TB storage. Is there a way I can install Mojave on My MacBook? I have a 1TB flash drive and a Mac specific WD 3TB external drive. I'd like to install Mac OS on both and make both bootable so I can keep businesses I operate separate yet use one system to access them, and maintain my devices as well, I've got a few thousand tied up in everything so far.

Sorry for the long post.


Jul 31, 2012
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Apple says that High Sierra is the latest OS that can be run on your MBP.