MacBook Pro hacked

Aug 4, 2020
MacBook Pro 17 2011
Intel I7 Sandybridge
Intel HD Express 3000
Hello to all:

I know here are only Hackintosh people. Well I am a Machakintosh User. Why?

My MacBook Pro17 2011 is running Catalina without eGPU at all ( its brocken and other people send this kind of machines to the trash).

I hack its firmware to use only the integrated GPU. But upgrade its VRAM from 384 Mb to 1536 Mb modifying frameworks and kext

Install a new Bluetooth 4.0 to get Handoff and Continuity running CAT

Upgrade the RAM to 16 Gb and replace its HD to a 1Tb SSD drive.

At last get an ExpressCard-34 USB 3.0 with two ports.

In High Sierra all works fine. But upgrade the OS to Catalina.

Must say my computer in Catalina run very fast compared to High Sierra. Spite some bugs caused by the failed dGPU all works fine for a normal use.

But lost the NEC upd720202 support. Then the Expresscard doesn't works expected. Appears as PCI USB card and the icon in menu appears as well. But each time I attach a device, disconnect USB 3 and appears a message about USB Accessories Disabled ( using to much power ).

In console appears the port 14 used by other USB port.

I had tried with a lot kext included provided by Multibeast. but there are any change.

Any ideas?