Macbook Pro 2018 mid year, Razor X + Sapphire RX 590 NITRO+

Dec 20, 2019
Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3
Intel Core i7-4790 3.60GHz Quad Core 8MB
Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB HBM2 Graphics Card
Hi All,

I just wanted to post up that the following config worked OOB, and would prob be the same for most hackintosh's:

I'm using the Razor Core X and the Sapphire Radeon RX590 Nitro+
All worked fine OOB.
When I updated to 15.2, HEVC encoding broke for the AMD. I know this as Media Encoder only recognised software encoding.
I restored it with a dummy kext "dummy-hevc-10-15-2.kext".
Besides that, rendering on FCP is similar to the EGPU when doing most things.
The big difference is I can use a 4K monitor and a 1080p monitor without breaking a sweat.
I have not been able to test FXfactory or more intensive plugs yet, and make a new post when I do.
Overall, the enclosure worked so well, I ordered a used Gigabyte MB, processor, a Vega 64 and a new case for a workstation.
Apple states the Sapphire Vega 64 is good OOB. We shall see.
I'll post a guide for the setup in my signature, but the MB wont arrive until Jan 10th :/

Anyway, I hope me informing ppl that the Sapphire Radeon RX 590 works OOB is helpful.
Happy holidays, and happy 10 year anniversary Tony Mac!


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