Mar 15, 2023
MacBookPro14,1 a1708
Intel Iris Plus 640
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Attempting to upgrade the SSD in my MBP 2017 function keys a1708 via SK Hynix BC711 and adapter. Initially card was not recognized at all, and MBP would infinitely power cycle.

Research lead me to Opencore legacy patcher, then OpenCore, and specifically NVMEFix. Configured the directory and .plist according to the guide, starts up fine when using the original ssd, but with the sk, the startup process now hangs after selecting either EFI Boot or the install media for Ventura.

I've run the EFI in debug, and it produced the opencore log and a panic log. I do not understand how to interpret them/let them guide me to a possible solution. I've attached the main log, the panic log, my plist, and a screenshot of my directory. First time posting here, and relatively new to this level of tech stuff. I feel like I'm reasonably good at following directions; I just don't have a wide enough knowledge base to troubleshoot issues that aren't explicitly addressed in the guides.

Also of note: the logs are all timestamped several hours ahead of the current time. I saw that there are time discrepancies between mac/windows, but I'm on a native mac, so not sure if that applies here?

Let me know if other info is needed for help, or if this is the proper place to ask for this kind of assistance. TIA!


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