Mac Options for Monitoring Stats on an RaspberryPi with Screen

Oct 11, 2012
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Hello all, first off sorry if this is in the wrong forum area this is something I'm relatively new to.

On the windows side of my build I was having a lot of fun with the 'ModBros Hardware Monitor' which is currently Windows only, here is an example of how I set it up (sorry this screen doesn't take well to photos):


With this setup all the data is sent over the network so I only need to power the Pi (No display cables).

I'm looking for something along the same lines I could implement for my Hackintosh, I don't need ALL of these stats but it would be great to have some monitoring.

The only thing close I've seen is iStatistica Pro, which has the option to use a web server that serves up a simple page with some stats that I could browse to on my RPi. But then I have a visible browser window and the stats are really not that great, if you see the other attached pic the output would require a lot of scrolling and can't be customised and wouldn't look good a small 7" screen. I suppose another option would be to connect a screen to a display output of my GPU but I'd rather avoid that if possible.


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