Mac Audio - my Hackintosh based Music Player

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I will mount the mobo "upside down" into the case. This allows the Noctua Fan to intake cool air directly thru drilled holes in the bottom. There will be a sealing between the fans edges and the bottom plate, so only the cool air, which comes thru the holes can be sucked in. This produces a slight overpressure in the case and the warm air flows out thru holes in the backplate and if necessary in the bottom plate.

The iPod is only a nice gadget, its internal music player will not being used. If necessary, the OS X desktop can be displayed via VNC. The remotes for iTunes (on OS X) are our iPhones and the iPad via the App "Apple Remote".

If something bigger fails or for system maintenance, I could use the TV via HDMI. An additional possibility is the VNC connection to my G5 or G4 Cube.

Thanks for explaining, that makes more sense to me now. The CAD pictures look great very professional. I do have one final question about your design. What was your reasons for mounting the motherboard upside down ?
The reasons for this design are:
-Hiding the intake grid. This allows a clean top side.
-Warm air flows from the bottom to the top physically. This effect supports a good airflow.

A small update:

The main components arrived:
Mac Audio Components.jpg

The INCREDIBLE silent Noctua fan!
Mac Audio Noctua.jpg

Everything is up and running. Here you can see the DQ77KB stuffed with lots of USB devices.
Mac Audio USB Test.jpg

USB multiplexing is working now! What does that mean?
-The USB speakers work in the USB 3.0 Ports!
-The Logitech keyboard and mouse too (as previously)
-All my USB 2.0 Memory-Sticks work in the 3.0 Ports!
-My WD USB 3.0 HD works on USB 2.0 Ports too (slower, of course)
The only disadvantage is, that the rig immediately rewakes from sleep, if some USB storage device is plugged in and mounted prior to sleep. Mouse, KB and speakers do not cause this effect.

Thanks a lot to SJ_UnderWater! See here!

Now I will have to wait until the case and several other parts arrive... :beachball:

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The Apple Infrared Sensor 820-2155-A arrived today!
Mac Audio 820-1555-A_1.jpg

Connected to the internal single USB header with a temporary soldered wiring. The wire colors are connected 1:1 - not common for an Apple product! ;)
Mac Audio 820-1555-A_2.jpg

Works flawless for:
-Volume adjustment
-Track jump
-Play / pause
-And even putting to sleep and waking from sleep works! :D
Mac Audio 820-1555-A_3.jpg

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I bought Remote Buddy for mine, Mactester.

Excellent added functionality.


Thanks for this information. I don't think, that Remote Buddy will being needed. iTunes operation, sleep and rewake works perfectly with the Apple IR software.

The case is finished now - unfortunately in the "about this Mac" window only. ;)
Mac Audio About This Mac.jpg

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