Low RTL high DSP count first hack for Ableton Live

Apr 22, 2018

I’m a musician and content creator wanting to start video streaming and video editing my performances as well as build a system that can do insanely fast round trip latencies via an insanely fast (thunderbolt 2) audio interface (Presonus Quantum) (or something like an RME PCIe card). Either way, the whole concept is, that the sound card has has no built in DSP processing (or doesn’t need to, with the setup I’m aiming at):

I “track” with 0 latency plugins, so those tasks are performed by the CPU, usually on a single core basis.

It needs to be able to handle LOTS of plugins, as many as possible on each track, and several tracks of vsti’s, in REAL TIME with NO clicks, pops, crackeling, thermal throttling, system hang ups crashes blue screens etc.

(Don’t wanna waste money on old dsp chips and expensive plugins that only work with said dsp cards/boxes, when the right cpu would be able to do the same job with lower latencies and any plugin..)

It needs to clock sync out via midi via the soundcard to external gear and at the same time via usb out to other external gear, as well as live midi performing and audio looping (about 8 tracks).

I plan to do live online multi platform video & audio streaming of the performances.

Preferably this could be run on the same machine at the same time (perhaps with a longer buffer since I don’t need the audio to be real time, preferably multi cam (2 or 3..I currently have an iPhone, and two webcams) preferably also with as low latency as possible, but at least synced up to each other via a broadcasting program.

Besides that I’m hooking up about 6 usb instruments/controllers that also need to run smoothly. And I’m running samples at the same time obviously.

Afterword I’ll be doing video editing in fcpx, and probably some mixing/mastering of bigger music projects also.

There’s a local deal on a lightly used 8700k, Maximus x WiFi z370, tridentz RGB 16 3600mhz (the rest I need to get elsewhere, need a powerful pretty quiet cpu cooler and something like the rx 580 is what I’m thinking)

Any suggestions and tips highly appreciated

Budget around $1200-2000 all used parts. What I have:
Samsung Evo 850 500gb
Aopen case
Aopen 300w psu (probably need a more powerful one?)
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