Looking for a compatible USB 3.0 PCI-E card

Sep 11, 2013
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Hi All, I have a build based on the old lifehacker guide (main specs below) and was looking to add a usb 3.0 card. I recently tried a Orico PVU3 card based on a post I had read of someone with a similar system. After installing some kexts, my system recognized the card but it didn't mount anything and actually caused a power failure on my hard drive (a very expensive mistake because my wife had important family photos on there that were not backed up and now I have to cough up money for clean room data recovery). If someone else has a recommendation for a USB 3.0 card that I could add to this older system that would be compatible with 10.10.3 I would appreciate it! Thanks. [h=1][/h]