Login Screen Loop using Nvidia Graphics (Cant Sign in)

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Aug 29, 2019
Gigabyte z390 Gaming X
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Hi! I have been on this for awhile, as I got help trying to install Mojave on my hackintosh. Then I realized that the Nvidia card was not support on Mojave so I've decided to go back to high Sierra. I also reverted back because I couldnt figure out a way to get my iGFX to work fully, as it was always stuck at 10mb.

I have installed High Sierra onto my drive, and I was able to boot in using the same EFI folder as my Mojave boot. When I restarted my computer after I installed the Nvidia web driver, I would load into my computer, get to the login screen, my mouse would be stuck at the top left side, and it would just constantly just loop the login screen over and over. I've attached my EFI folder as a zip to see if anyone out there can give me a hint as to why this is happening. It seems that Mojave is a no go for me with my GTX 1060, but high sierra is being a real bitch too. Both IGFX and the 1060 end up with less than 10mb on my "about my mac" section. Im totally defeated by all this, as ive been at it for 5 days straight. Thinking maybe this isnt for me, but all my work is on apple related products. RIP

Computer Specs:
Intel i7 9700K
Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 1060 6GB
Gigabyte z390 gaming X (bios f8)
Corsair 16gb Vengeance Ram
Corsair CX650 PS
Intel 120GB SSD


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