Little annoying problems.

Jan 17, 2018
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Hello Guys.

Its been a while i built my Mac and everything works fine, got it running smooth till i realize the following, there is 2 problems i am facing right now and one is not on the macos side but i am going to ask you either way to see if you can help me, thanks.

Problem 1:

MacOS works great and smooth with no glitches until I use Illustrator or Photoshop for a while, it only happened with this 2 apps so far it doesn't happen for example on Ableton ( Music Creating software ) all i can do its restart and it goes back to normal.

This is my main issue i dont want to be restarting every hour or so just to prevent this. I hope you know the cause of this, and no its not the computer under performing due to high temperatures. I have run stress test on my windows partition and it doesnt idle under synthetic load and with the cooling set up i have it doesnt go above 74c.

Problem 2

This one is more related to the audio section but it doesnt seem to be a problem of the config although non of the speaker ports work on my tower i don't need it because i use either a Steingberg ur242 or a Yamaha MG10xu for audio. Here is where the problem comes, when i had the UR22 (lower model of the UR line up ) i didn't have the noises i have now. Its a funny one and it happened with both the soundcard and the mixer, i even took the soundcard UR242 back to the shop for them to check it. (the difference from the old one and the 2 new ones is the old one was usb power and this ones have their own plugs) bottom line is when i am either on the BIOS or MacOS i can hear only from my right speaker the computer think, such sounds as mouse movement, processing etc. When i am on my Windows partiton ( also working smooth and fast) the sound changes to static noise. This doesnt happen when plug to my MacBook Pro by usb and its driving me a bit insane.

I know this are two weird problems but if somebody has any idea why this happens please let me know. I am on the meanwhile waiting for all the makers of the parts of my tower to get back at me and tell me why this is happening. Have a good day.

Thank you
The Aaron Key