Lenovo x230 1080p hd4000 issue

Jul 6, 2017
Lenovo x230 (Clover)
Intel HD 4000 1920x1080
  1. MacBook Air

I have searched this site, and the web for a solution to this, and have yet to find any information, so I apologize if this is duplicated information. This is a custom hardware configuration so it may be inappropriate, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

I have a Lenovo x230 laptop, that in its default configuration, ran a very stable 10.12.6. I installed a daughter board that takes advantage of Display Port 2 to route signal in conjunction with the existing LVDS connection to the main panel, which in my case, is a 1080p screen.

Windows 10 1607 recognizes this connection as 1) dummy display reporting at 1080p with it's own EDID information, mirrored to 2) the real display on DP2 with the correct EDID information. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update reports the DP2 display only with full controls enabled. My BIOS default display is set to DP2, and all things considered I am very happy. However, under my 10.12.6 configuration, I could not get the display to register in OSX. Naively tweaking display settings to more accurately reflect the system resulted in backlight and HDD activity during boot, but no signal out when the login screen should appear. -v did not provide any insightful information. Figuring that this would take significant rework to get back to the level of stability I enjoyed previously, I decided to fresh install High Sierra. I kept my clover configuration as close to the stable system as possible (with updated kexts in reference to the "golden build"), while attempting to rework the graphics portion.

  • I haven't changed the system definition from the "golden build" MPB 9,2 to the better suited Retina MPB 10,2 in an attempt to isolate the specific issue I am having outlined below
  • Another factor in deciding to upgrade was the issue of an intermittent bug (1/20 occurrences) where handoff/continuity didn't work after sleep (bluetooth may or may not), even with USB properly configured. Reports are this issue is not present in 10.13
  • x220 users apparently report success in CustomInject-ing EDID, this did not work for me nor one other person I have been in contact with
  • The installer installed with APFS, I plan to go back and fix this once I can resolve the HD4000 issue

I was able to boot into safe mode and install 10.13.3 using profile 0x01660008, and injecting EDID, my primary ("only") display is detected (custom EDID of DP2 display works as well). It appears the kext loads, I have full access to VRAM and the framebuffer is reported as 0x1660008, but curiously, I have no visible mouse/pointer cursor. Everything works as expected, and by dragging to get relative position information, I can operate the OS.

When I do not inject graphic properties, as expected, I have 7Mb of VRAM, but I do have a cursor.

I did not have success with using 0x01660004, resulting in a reboot loop outside of safe mode, and a KP with safe mode (frame buffer memory issue?).

Note: in attached config files, I've removed serial information, but they are present on my system. my config-unstable, was my attempt at getting 0x01660004 to work, but given I installed under 0x01660008, I think that is more fruitful, but I'll defer to better minds than mine.

Where do I go from here?


  • bill’s MacBook Pro -x 160008 inject.ioreg
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