Lenovo Thinkpad T440P Catalina 10.15.7 19H15 Discussion/Help/Bugs/Fixes

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Oct 16, 2020
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This thread is for users running Catalina 10.15.7 19H15 on there T440P. Resolve problems, share kext's and EFI folder's, aswell as discuss and share hardware upgrades which improve performance and functionality.

Currently I have 2 EFI's im switching between to find the best option for me.

jloisels 3.2.2 build with some kexts added and removed :
@sha1062 's OC 0.6.3 build with some kexts added and removed :

I would like to try this build soon, it is designed for Big Sur but i think it may work

I have seen countless users posting that opencore is much better for them, however this hasnt been the case for myself.

Here are the issues i have with Clover and Opencore, please let me know if you find otherwise

1. After sleeping with the lid closed closed connected to external monitor, the computer will not wake up from wired, wireless, or bluetooth mice or keyboards. The only way to wake the device from sleep is to open and close the lid, kindof a pain for where i keep my laptop plugged in with lid closed.

2. After sleeping with the lid closed connected to external monitor, computer must be woken with external display plugged in, or else screen will remain black on wakeup, and reboot is the only option.

3. SD Card reader does not work.

The last issue i am having only with opencore only is a sleep and power issue

1. its behaving exactly like a real Macbook Pro, everytime i unplug the power with the lid closed the computer immediately sleeps, this is a major pain in the ass to my and doesnt happen at all with clover but as soon as i switch to OC it happens.

i will update this thread as time moves on.
SD Card reader wont work anyways.
Did you check out Dortania's guide for fixing sleep?

i did not check this because i did not have an issue with sleep, i think you are misunderstanding or did not fully read my post

my opencore is sleeping totaly fine. However clover performs in a way which is preferred, which is that it doesnt go to sleep in clamshell mode when the power is unplugged. This IS NOT how a normal mac performs, so if anything clover is having "issues with sleep" but the "issue" is a feature i want.

are you using opencore? if using an external monitor with laptop closed, and you unplug power to the laptop and wait a few minutes does it autosleep or not? once i have this answered i can being to troubleshoot the issue but im unsure if it happens for others on opencore like this or if it behaves more like how clover is behaving for me.

as for the SD card, i have seen reports that it is working, but it seems most users cant get it to work, atleast on newer versions of MacOS
I understand, unfortunately I cannot test this right now.
As for the SD card to my knowledge a highly percentage of hackintoshes are not compatible and it's hardware related.
yeah SD cards seem to be tricky but it has definately been working with this device with earlier versions of catalina i believe.

another issue i am having is with USB tethering to my phone running IOS 14.2 , the computer is saying it needs to update software to be able to connect to the phone, however sometimes the tethering keeps working, but mostly it cuts out very quick, this notifcation can pop up in 1-60 seconds after connecting phone.

i believe its because IOS 14.2 is demaning the computer it connects to runs big sur, kinda annoying....
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