Lenovo G510 i5-4200m, Current status and fixes.

May 3, 2018
Lenovo G510 Clover
i5 4200M
HD 4600 / HD 8570M
MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
Spent most of yesterday getting most things working. Still a few rough edges.

Haswell Core i5-4200m / Intel HD 4600
4gb DDR3 @ 1600mhz
250gb Samsung 840evo upgraded from the 500gb WD Blue
Broadcom BCM43142 PCI ID#14e4:4365

I've had this laptop for a few months, played with Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Win 8.1, but I really want OSX to be flawless on it but it's always been kind of a pain. I had OSX booting the first day I owned it in February, but couldn't get everything working. So I'm giving it another go, and have most things working so far.

Brightness (DSDT/SSDT patch)
Sound incl. Mic
all USB ports
GPU acceleration
CPU throttling
Battery percentage

Not working:
Internal Wifi/BT
Brightness buttons on keyboard
SD Card reader (maybe it does, haven't even tried it)

I'm pretty happy so far, as wifi is the biggest issue for me, but I have a WUSB600N V2 sitting around that can be used, however I use it in my desktop, so I've ordered a Edimax EW-7811Un for $8.95, it shouldn't get in the way, and the built in wifi is a no-go and the BIOS has a Whitelist, so this may be the best option. Clover is the best solution, but is a pain to configure, not super excited about that, I used the configuration for the Haswell/HD4600 from the HP ProBook thread for booting both the installer, and the final install.

Format a 8gb or larger USB drive as MBR with a ~500mb FAT32 partition for booting, and the remainder as HFS+ Journaled for the installer, drag my included EFI folder to the FAT32 Partition, run Unibeast and 'install' to the HFS+ partition. After install, use something like Clover Configurator to Mount EFI partition, dump the same EFI folder there, it includes the DSDT/SSDT patch for worki

Rehabman-Backlight kext
Voodoo HDA
Voodoo Battery

Download: I'm going to include a download to the above software, and include a lspci list I did from Ubuntu, and the DSDT/SSDT tables folder I dumped from Ubuntu as well, I'll also include the DSDT/SSDT that is patched for the brightness fix.

Any advice would be appreciated on getting sleep and brightness buttons working!
Please update the link. I hope you hear me.