Lenovo Carbon X1 (4th generation/6th generation intel) updates?

Jan 3, 2019
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Hi all, I'm seeking out updated info for an upcoming build - Lenovo Carbon X1 (4th gen) with i7 6600u, intel 520 Graphics, NVME ssd, and 2550x1440 display. I've extensively trawled through the forums and It seems a few folks have gotten them up and (sorta) running from a whole bunch of generations (1-6) but I haven't seen a lot of updates from people using them. Also, it seems a lot of beginners were working on the machines making some pretty common mistakes that might have stalled out their builds. I've compiled a lot of info, the good and bad, but some of it contradicts or is out-dated.

Right now all of my hacks are running High Sierra, I honestly have no reason to change this but if the later OS builds are working better for the 4th generation carbons it would save me a lot of time to not go down the wrong path to start with.

So, anyone with an X1 4th Gen that's running pretty much perfectly (minus the usual wifi/BT issues)? What build of the OS are you using? Did you manage to get power management on par with windows performance? Got some favorite kexts? I'd love to hear about it. This is my 8th hack build, I have no issues with getting dirty, I just want to have the best info possible before I get started.