Laptop Suggestions

May 23, 2014
50" 4K iHac
Intel HD 4600 / GeForce GTX 970
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
After gifting my last Hackbook Pro for christmas, I need a new machine. I just need a laptop that will work as well on Windows as it does on Yosemite.


  • 8GB of RAM minimum
    • I use all of it for my massive works in photoshop.
    • If the system doesn't have 8gb, it needs to be able to be upgraded to it. I have a set of 4x2 laptop ram.
  • i5 or i7 CPU
    • I'm a huge multitasker.
  • Upgradable HDD/SSD
    • I have a 240gb SSD to throw into it, provided it doesn't come with one already.
  • 1600x900 res or higher
    • Don't want to see those pixels unless I look for them.
  • Needs to have a 60hz refresh rate or higher.
    • I'd rather have a high refresh rate than a high pixel density.
  • 14 inch screen minimum
    • Previously used a massive 17 incher. So it's no problem for me.
  • Dedicated GPU not necessary.
    • I have a monster desktop rig for gaming/video editing.
  • And the biggest requirement of all, it needs to fully works in OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1 dual boot.
    • Wireless is no problem. I have the Azurewave card that I bought specifically for this purpose.
    • Fully-functional audio is a must. Frequently use Skype and Logic Pro.
    • I have no problem with spending time setting it up. Doesn't need to be something easy like a Probook.

(Not sure if this should go here, or in the laptops section of the forum, but this seemed like a better choice.)