Kernel Panic with i7-4790K & Z97N; Was Working With i7-4790

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also as a side note, it almost looks like its just related to GIGABYTE boards. Not 100% sure but most people with the problem have one.
yeah I posted about turning off turbo boost to resolve the kernel panic a post before my last one. Trying to work with gigabyte to get a fix. I'll post if I find anything.
that must be your post on the tweaktown forums. hopefully stasio sees it because he's the man when it comes to all things gigabyte. He helped tremendously when I was having memory instability that was completely gigabytes fault. Ram I used didn't matter. Two diff kits both quality brands. Pretty much no good settings worked. It took a while but gigabyte did eventually fix it so now my ram is finally perfect. Ironically the fix seemed to be taking the host from 100mhz to 99.77. Although to clarify it was never an OC instability. the memory was even unstable at XMP profile settings and had to be run at 1600mhz, with custom SLOWER timers AND set to "greater stability" just to avoid kernel panics. Now I have memory at 2133mhz as stable as ever. With the only change being the bios adjusting the base clock i'm guessing on it's own for the memory in use. since auto does 99.77 and even trying to manual 100mhz forces 99.77. if i try to force 100.01 or something, the stability issues with memory completely return so I have no doubt in my mind the gigabyte update that is forcing 99.77 is doing it exactly for the memory stability reasons in my configuration. Small advertise side effect of Cpu speed but it's super negligible

Anyways not trying to stray off topic, just giving a positive story of getting results from gigabyte via those forums. :) I couldn't be happier to have found them thanks to Tony linking them once for beta/modified BIOS updates. I've also learned with gigabyte, especially with dual BIOS boards, always run the latest beta bios from over there, You often get the latest fixes doing that alone. However, keep secondary bios latest stable release should you have any problems, as well as keep any previous bios versions ready to go in case you have to flash backwards if you don't have dual bios.
Update from me here, 10.9.4 still working but i gotta boot from the USB stick still. Any update on whats causing it and any solution? :)
Hey all! I figured something out. Get the Chamelion Wizard App and and remove Generate C states and Generate P states and I can now use turbo boost.

Thanks for the tip. Although, my system was Turbo'ing without it. Maybe because speed was being controlled by the OS?

I dunno.
Any updates on this topic? From what I see there isn't a sure fix yet, right?
Alright people, for me things are much better with my mobo GA-z97x-UD3H, with in bios XMP Profile 1 + memory enhanced stability option. I'm using Crucial balistic tactical. Dual channel setup.. Good luck !!
Sorry to hijack thread

Hello awer25, found this thread while hunting for information related to this post, but then not really...

I see very few system specs featuring the GTX 980 Ti, hot card, am writing regarding the one difference between our respective builds, your mob is Z97X, mine Z97N. I see other successful builds with the Z97N, but never with this GPU, wondering if you could rule in or out my combination being workable and how I might best approach a fresh installation of whichever OS X. I see you stayed with Mavericks, Yosemite being unstable. I'm not averse to that, but wondering if you ever upgraded.

I'd greatly appreciate any guidance.
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