Kernel Panic trying to install Sierra on Z77M D3H

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Mar 25, 2016
Gigabyte Z370P-D3
GTX 1050
Hi, I'm following this guide.

When i boot from the USB and i choose Clover, the Apple Logo appears and it starts loading, but after few seconds, the Screen shows this (see image attached) and the computer reboots. What am i doing wrong? I have load Optimized Defaults in UEFI Bios, disabled VT-d, XHCI Hand-off Enabled. Help me, please!!!


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Did you try a different USB port on the back?
UPDATE. I tried everything and the only thing that let me continue the installation process was to Uncheck Inject Nvidia in Options. Once in multibeast, i installed everything but Inject Nvidia, cause i’m afraid it wont boot again. After that, i restarted but it wouldn get past the apple icon loading. To reach again to the desktop, i pressed Space bar in the boot, and chose something like disable graphics (i dont remember the exact name). So, i think the main problem is the installation of my graphics, which are Nvidia 630. Should i Install Inject Nvidia from Multibeast? or it would screw everything? I’m looking for Nvidia 630 drivers, but they don’t exist for Sierra. Can you help me?
Thanks so much. I read the whole post and tried Post 92 with no success. Then I decided to install El Capitan since it natively supports my graphics. I went to the whole process, my graphics were easily recognized but after installation, when I try to boot from the HD it hangs at loading.

I've put a post with the problem in here:

Can you help me? Thanks in advance.
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