Issues with Intel HD 630 Graphics PLEASE HELP

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Aug 26, 2018
Gigabyte H270
i5-7th gen
Radeon r7 250
Hello Guys! I have been trying to make my computer into a Hackintosh for about a week now, and I keep getting hung up on ONE issue: Graphics.

I had a Radeon HD r7 250, And I could get macOS (High) Sierra to work, but it was only recognizing my graphics card as "Display 7mb" and there was major lag and tearing doing thing like opening launchpad, and all other graphic related things. I tried for days on end to fix this issue, injecting multiple FakeID's, installing kexts like Lilu with Whatevergreen, etc..I did everything I could possibly do, but the issue persisted. So yesterday I was just like...."Ok i give up..I'm just gonna try to use the integrated graphics and see if I can get that to work" So I unplugged my MSI OC 2GB Radeon r7 250, and reinstalled High Sierra (I couldn't get it to boot) So I'm in high sierra and I install all the normal things like Clover Bootloader, FakeSMC, System definitions (iMac 18,2) Etc. I also installed all the Intel graphics fix-up things
And than rebooted. The computer goes into a Infinite reboot loop. once the loading bar with the apple logo reaches around 60%, It restarts and does it all over again. I have tried reinstalling macOS 3 times after that, but every time I just get the reboot loop. I have tried all the different settings and Kexts etc...I have tried boot args, I have tried everything I could find online about this issue.

My Hackintosh has no issues that I know of other than the graphics issue, everything else works fine. I really need some help here, as this is my first hackintosh and I have not had any other experience with Mac.

My specs are:

Mobo: Gigabyte H270-HD3-CF

CPU: Intel Core i5 7500 (Kaby lake)

Ram: IDK what it is, But there's 16 GB of it and it all works. (2200 MHZ I think0

Drives: 1TB WD Data drive, and the boot drive is a crucial 256 GB ssd

Current GPU: Intel HD 630 (Integrated)

OS: High Sierra 10.13.6
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