Is upgrading directly from a previous OS a good idea?

Jun 6, 2013
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I apologise for the somehow "comical" title of the thread, and its apparent stupidity, but i'd like to know something from experienced hackingtosh users.

My hackingtosh is specifically assembled for working purposes, so with time i started becoming increasingly paranoid about settings, performance, stability and bugs.
I have been using an hackingtosh since 2014, but each time there was a new release i formatted the disk and did a clean installation of the new OS, fearing a direct update might cause conflicts with settings, kexts, performance loss or bugs.

I'm currently intrigued by the possibility of moving from 10.12.6 to 10.13.2 because of multiple reason, but this time i don't want to go through the effort of backing up all my files and go through hours and hours of installing softwares and most importantly plugin licenses (as i use After Effects for a living).

For the first time i'm considering a direct upgrade, but i'd like to know if any issue or performance loss of any kind might occur; for example i disabled gatekeeper from the terminal...would i still have it disabled upon updating? ecc...
(Of course i'd backup my drive before trying)

Sorry for the paranoia and all, but i'm really interested in knowing more from the community.
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