Is it just me ?

Oct 2, 2011
Mobile Phone
I think a3dstorm is just here to troll, I see no valid argument in his ranting so far.
Since Mountain Lion graphics are almost on par with Windows, at least for the games playable on Mac - FIFA, Diablo and so on ...
Fonts look better on Windows - really? Are you serious now?
When I bought my first Mac I was like that - WTF, where is my right click, where is this, how to do that?
Now, after a year or so using Lion and Mountain Lion, I can honestly say that I boot into Windows once a month for couple of hours just to play an occasional game that is not available on Mac and every time I get frustrated about updates, antiviruses and stuff.
I think that Preview is far superior than any Windows photo/media viewer, it handles any format and its fast too.
Sep 16, 2012
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Yes it is, at least my WD My book Live works with without having to buy an app from the app store. It's a NAS it should work on any OS. Apple broke smb support in Lion. I think maybe 10.7.3 fixed it haven't had a chance to try it yet I hate macosX so much don't look forward to boot on it. ;-). But come on. Is this the best Apple can do ?

I wish I had never bought an Iphone and waited for Android phones to come out. Too bad I'm sucked in now with an OBDBII plug to diagnose cars that only work with iphones. So my next phone... will have to be an iPhone. And they do suck because you need macOSX to update them properly most of the time.

This sounds like a personal problem to me...