Is hackintosh suitable for development (and gaming)

Jan 21, 2017

First, I'm not sure if sub-forum is right, so if I missed it, I'm really sorry :) Please move this topic somewhere else.

I'm currently using dual boot with Linux Mint and Windows 10. But there is one very disturbing problem. I'm passionate gamer (i'm playing only LoL and EVE) and web developer. And it's over my head to non-stop restart my computer to play or to work. Just to be clear (ty captain obvious), i'm playing on windows and working on linux. So I thought about that, and I came up with a easy solution...hackintosh :) I can play my games and code with alt+tab. But there is one big problem...I really really dont have time for experimenting. I dont have time to wipe out my whole HDD and then install hackintosh, spend few days on setting everything up and then to find that hackintosh isn't suitable for me, and then install windows and linux again. So...really simple question for experienced hackintosh guys...Can hackintosh solve my problem with gaming and work with alt+tab?? I'm not "60FPS" guy, I will be satisfied with 40 average FPS in games on medium/high details. For work I'm only using NetBeans or VisualCode/Sublime and I think those programs will not be a problem on hackintosh. Also I need support for Photoshop just for slicing images.

I need answer ASAP I want to install hackintosh today (it's Sunday) if your answers are positive :)

My configuration:
CPU: Intel i7-3770k
MB: Asus Maximux Formula V (Z77 Chipset)
RAM: 8GB DDR3 (i dont know manufacture)
GPU: nVidia GTX 680 2 or 4 GB (i'm not sure)
HDD: 1TB WD Black

P.S. One more thing...I would never buy Apple Macbook or some other Apple PC just for price...those PCs has rude prices...I can buy decent car and decent PC for price of one Mac PC
Jun 24, 2015
Lenovo Yoga 900 13ISK 80mk-Clover
HD 520 (3200x1800)
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  2. MacBook Pro
Classic Mac
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Given your specs, I'm assuming this is a desktop computer. However, it will be useful to you later on if you add your computer's specs to your profile, instead of having to post it in every comment.

On to the answer:
Installing macOS on a non-apple computer isn't something you should just expect to work. That's what you buy a real mac for. That being said, it's become exceedingly easier to do in recent years thanks to great work done by lots of people, both on this website and on others. And if you're on a desktop, there's no need to wipe out your HDD just to try. Grab another one, throw it in and just try testing an install on it so you don't lose everything on another drive. And don't expect it to take only a couple days; It could be that short, but it could also take weeks to get everything functioning.

As far as gaming, its really hit or miss. You have the ability to put whatever GPU you want in your hackintosh, (10-series cards from NVIDIA are compatible using the web drivers) but that won't always save you from a game that is just poorly optimized for mac. And macOS certainly has its own variation of alt+tab, which would be cmd+tab.

Lastly, you state that you'd never buy a real mac. I hope you've either got a friend with a mac or a friend with a functioning hackintosh, because as far as we on this site are concerned, you need one to create a hackintosh boot drive.

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