iOS Simulator Not Working !! Mavericks 10.9.4 !

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Jul 4, 2014
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I recently did my first ever build and to say the least, installation with unibeast was a breeze.
I've used Unibeast 3.x and multi beast. I've setup Mavericks 10.9.4. Everything works, including audio and LAN. My motherboard is GA B75M-D3H.

Now this is the first issue i've encountered, as of now and am not sure its a 'hackintosh' issue.
I already own an iMac and a dev account. After setting up my build I copied Xcode onto my system from my iMac. App store, Dev profiles, everything is synced and functioning as expected.

The issue occurs when i try and run the iPhone Simulator.
Every time i try to run a build, i get an error saying 'iOS Simulator could not install the application'.
And this one is for the first ever 'Hello World' build.

I read it somewhere that iOS simulators will not work with such a build.
Is that true? What can I do to get it working?
I've tried every solution available on the net. From running scripts, to changing folder names, etc.

Does anybody know how to go about this issue.

Please help.
I'm having an issue with the iOS Simulator as well, though not the same. In an introductory piece of code, I'm incrementing a integer. iOS Simulator crashes on that line of code every time. However, if I move the same source code to my real mac, compile and build it, it runs fine in the Simulator.

My install on my main PC went flawlessly with Uni/Multibeast. Everything works (except my 3rd party audio card), even sleep and full graphics acceleration. However, the whole point of installing Mavericks was to develop for iOS on a modern system and not cough up a fortune for a new Mac. I can do it on my real Mac if I need to, but it so slllloooowwww.....
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