Installation Problem MSI GS65

Jan 1, 2020
GTX 1070 MaxQ
first of all, sorry for my bad english im german.
Soo, i tried for 2 weeks now on myself to get a hackintosh working but run into many issues.
I followed the tutorial from @taha but mojave did not work at all.
I then tried the tutorial from ERRORERRORERROR from github.
Nothing worked, ran into more and more errors... addet more kext to solve the upcoming problems.
my main problem is that all usb-ports shut down after the start of the installing... i managed to get through the installer at high sierra with an usb-c adapter but i think then everything freezed as i wanted to choose a language because even an external mouse did not work... so everytime i boot from the usb stick in the installer the keyboard turn black and nothing except of the screen and the usbc works.
I will add some pictures of errors i had. i cant really add my config.plist because i got mine, and then used rehabman´s and tried everything.

maybe someone had the same issues... i dont really understand why its not working at my pc with the same settings it worked on the identical pc...

thanks for help. be kind, im new here in the forum i got one year ago a hackintosh working but it was a tower...