Install Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on Ivy Bridge Based PCs

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Many thanks for all who have work on this method of resolving a critical issue of not being able to get OSX SL up and running inorder to get to ML. :clap:

As you know this has been an issue in the Desktop Snow Leopard Support Forum ....:banghead:

Much Happiness - Oh Joy.... Christmas is early....

Thanks to all - TonyMac - MacMan - stinga11 for posting
And to anyone else who supported this Grand adventure...
I am sure there are a cast of thousands - :thumbup:

keep on Hackintoshing!!!!! :headbang:
Excuse me my ignorance, but why would anyone be running SL at this point, unless its SL server?

Actually man many people still use SL...

Especially in the design world of Audio... Top production studios are even still holding onto SL because of its stability with certain programs and apps and plugins etc etc...

This has helped me a lot.. I will include this into my golden build I shall be putting up in due time for audio specific work...

Respect and cheers to the creators of this and tonymac crew for tutorial etc...
just wanted to say that i had a lot of help from totenkop using the oldschool method and some flags when following the iboot+multibeast method on a gigabyte z77x-ud5h. although not everything was operational in SL when i got in... my intention was to get to ML via update first to 10.6.8 then to ML. anyways i am just saying i was able to do this successfully with his help before this nice new iboot became avail.
i'll give this one a shot and share my experience to see if this could be better perfected for ppl that want a clean and clear way to ML with IVY.
also to be clear i went from SL retail dvd 10.6.3 -> 10.6.8 -> 10.8.2
once in SL i ran multibeast and installed audio and network kexts set the graphics enabler=no and rebooted then updated
This kind of helped, but I'm not there yet. I would really appreciate if someone was able to have a look at my setup and installation and see if they can see anything wrong!
Hi all!!

First many thanks to Tony for all of his developments making all this possible! You rule my friend!

As my not so original nick tells I work with pro tools for music and video, and I love the stable combo of SL and pro tools with all my plugins. There is even no PT version from avid for ML!!

So I was hoping to get a method to use SL on the Ivy bridge processors. But as I understand this method is meant to install ML, but could I use SL without installing ML ? I´m confused! Going Bald answered NO to this question : Will installing Chimera in Multibeast make Snow Leopard bootable on Ivy Bridge Hackintoshes? But even in the installation processes you have to boot and reboot into SL, and if it works for the upgrade to ML, why would it not work permanently? PLease tell me it´s posible!! I looking for other methods but you have to change the kernel, what its to advanced for me and sounds risky business!

Thanks for the comments!!

Keep hackin!
It can boot but many features, as stated multiple times now, will not work.

I run ML on all my machines, from an Ivy-3770k z77 based computer to an older ep-45 with a q9650, a dual E5420 Dell T5400, and a Gateway clinetpro q35 chipset with a q6600. I notice nothing but improvements in ease of installation and compatibility in ML vs SL, but I guess that's just me.

Well... No, that's not true, I run system 9 on my 800MHz Powermac G4 and 10.5.8 on my dual 2GHz Powermac G5, but that's more for nostalgia and old games.

I guess if you don't have access to a mac in the first place this is the way to go though.