Inconvenients with Web Drivers

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Mar 19, 2019
Hi everyone!
I have a bit problem. I bought a Mac Pro 1.1 and I installed Mac Os X El Capitan 10.11 and a GTX 750 ti. I read about the compatibility problems as the black boot screen, but, sometimes (not always) I get nervous when I click the I/O button because I don't know if the Web drivers works fine.
I explain, sometimes I turn on the pc and the GPU doesn't work. When it happens I install the default Mac GPU (a NVidia Quadro FX4500 512Mb) to enter in the OS and then, in the system information, 750ti doesn't appear. To solve that problem, I reinstall the Web Drivers and work again but... a couple of days because it appear again.
Someone have a idea to solve the problem or similar?
Thaks in advance.

Ps: Sorry for my bad english :(
Not open for further replies.