Oct 10, 2019
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Here is where I am at with TB3 hotswap right now:
I used to have to to get to the Opencore boot selector, power on my TB audio interface (UAD Apollo Twin MK2), boot to the Mac login screen, restart, power cycle the audio interface, then boot into MacOS, and only then would it connect successfully.

In the last couple of weeks, I have updated my Opencore install to Ventura, with a handful of obstacles that I had to overcome.
I then decided that it could be interesting to experiment with ChatGPT and the new Bing variant to see if it could help me to figure out how to get the TB hotswap working correctly.
I asked Bing about guiding me through the process of enabling TB3 hotswap on an Opencore install, using my ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard, and it actually provided links to some github repositories for my board model and CPU (i7 8700)!
There were downloadable EFIs in those repositories, and in them were some kexts and SSDT files specific to my hardware configuration.
In the ACPI folder there was 'SSDT-TbtOnPch.aml'. In the drivers folder there was 'TbtForcePower.efi'. In the kext folder there were two kext files that I didn't have previously. IOElectrify.kext and ThunderboltReset.kext.
I then mounted my EFI and added the files from the downloaded EFI, to my EFI after doing a back-up. I then loaded up my config.plist in OpenCore configurator, and dragged the SSDT files to the ACPI section, and the kext files across to the kernel section, then I saved my config.plist and rebooted.

The result? From a cold boot, now when I get to the boot selection screen, I can just power on my TB device, and then boot straight into MacOS. No need for the additional reboot and power cycle of the audio interface at the login screen.
If I turn my audio interface off when in the OS and turn it back on, it still doesn't reconnect, however. So it still isn't perfect, but it is a lot less inconvenient than it was.

ChatGPT in particular has been very helpful for explaining things properly, and clearly, which is something I find very lacking in the hackintosh community to be honest.
I asked it questions about the specific SSDTs, kexts, what order kext files should be in in OCC, boot arguments, editing config.plists etc.
Very useful learning tool!
Sounds awesome, would you be willing to share your EFI and any tips with utilizing Chatgpt?
Feb 16, 2012
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Does anyone have an idea for this problem? The Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt 2 card does not allow you to turn off the computer when it is plugged in. Nothing gives ErP-Enable as well as Thunderbolt Boot-Disable.