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Nov 30, 2013
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Hello everybody!

So I am getting frustrated with iMessage not working. It acknowledges my Apple ID ending with, but says (Inactive) after it. I do have a fusion drive and maybe that's what's wrong, but could someone please give me a imessage fix that allows me to use my fusion drive?

Notes: iTunes works fine.

I can not log into iCloud in system preferences. It says my apple ID is not an iCloud account (Yes it is)


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Did you attach a credit card to your account? It fixed my issues with iMessage and Facetime (I'm using the Clover bootloader in addition). You don't have to add a real credit card, I used a gift card I got from a rebate instead.
I find the Clover install is more confusing than Chameleon, the best I can do is tell you to download the pkg installer and google all error messages. As a starting point, I used Install for UEFI booting, Install RC Scripts on target volume, EmuVariableUEFI64, OsxAptioFixDrv64. You're might need to change these options around though.

If you're on Chameleon, maybe you should try the Chameleon fixes first before bothering with Clover. I've seen plenty of threads on it (haven't tried any, but supposedly they work). The NVRam fix is something you should try first.
Hackuser, would you be so kind to post your config.plist. I also had iMessage working until two weeks ago, but one day it just stopped and not working ever since. Sometimes it just signs in exactly as some person's case and stays inactive. Before at some point I had the "Call apple support" error (I was trying different system definitions) but I fixed it with adding a valid credit card. Afterwards it was working fine until recently. Odd is that before it stopped I didn't change anything so I have no idea what caused it. I would like to compare your and mine configs to see what is different and might help me and others with this to get back on track with iMessage.
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