iMac 4.2Ghz quad-core i7 with 3tb Fusion drive dual boot in CustoMac Mini Deluxe case

May 31, 2018
Hi All,

First post here.

I'd like to build a iMac 4.2Ghz quad-core i7 (or better) clone with 3tb Fusion drive that is dual-boot enabled in CustoMac Mini Deluxe case. I have an older 2013 iMac that I'd like to clone to this new hackintosh.

What i'd like in my build:
-8gig graphics card
-i'd like to simulate a 3tb (or larger) fusion drive (do not want to spend the cash on a 3 or 4tb SSD).
-i need thunderbolt support
-i need a dual-boot machine
-machine needs to be very quiet
-i'd like to stay under $2,000
-this machine will be used for high-end 2k video work
-build needs to work like a regular mac with ProTools (audio mixing/production)

Problems/questions are:
1) how do i simulate a 3tb (or larger) Fusion hard drive (to make cloning my current mac as easy as possible)?
2) how do i set up a dual-boot build on a hackintosh?
3) will I have any problems cloning from old iMac to new hackintosh if I set up the new machine as a dual-boot?
4) why are Xeon processors not available for any build?
5) can someone suggest steps going forward and parts that will work for me?

Please let me know what you all think.

Thanks for your time and expertise!