I7 7700k Z170a Hackintosh Build Help needed.

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Aug 16, 2016
I Have a Problem with my Hackintosh Build, I started trying to get Mac os on My Pc 2 Jears Ago. At this time i had an I7 7600k but i had to change it because it was getting too hot. now i have a I7 7700k but i don't get my Hackintosh to work. If My Hackintosh boots up after a few try's (i guess the Cpu is not getting Patched Well) i have the Problem, that i can't install Drivers for my Gtx 970. I have tryed to install Nvidia Web drivers and Quda Drivers but if i install the Web Drivers my hackintosh is not bopoting anymore. if i disable it while Booting my hackintosh starts but without the Drivers :D

I already bought an Usb to Audio Adapter but without working Graphics i dont Need ist :)

Now you all Guys are my last Hope :( Hope You guys Can help me :)

Thanks for Future Help :D

System : Intel Core I7 7700k, Msi Z170A Gaming M3, 24Gb G-skill DDR4 Ram, Palit Geforce Gtx 970 Jetstream, Mac Os Drive : Samsung 320 Gb (an Old one)
Not open for further replies.