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Jul 11, 2012
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After ten days of unsuccessful trials, following all guides available and even combining them, I had surrendered last week... thinking it was perhaps impossible to activate the IGPU of an Ivy CPU on a Sandy mobo.
But a few hours ago, something stroke me: during all my trials, there never was anything displaying on my HDMI monitor even while accessing the BIOS! :eek:
N.B.: my GA-Z68XP-UD3 has only a single HDMI port.

So, to make a long story short, it had nothing to do with the Ivy/Sandy mix but indeed with my trying to have the IGPU and the DGPU working together!!!
Taking off my GT210 made the HD4000 work at my first trial!

Then, I've tried to give priority to the IGPU in the BIOS, but no way: Clover GUI won't even show! Black screen everywhere.
As my purpose is just to have an emergency solution if my GT210 ever dies, I won't do any further trials, but I'm sharing my experience if anyone had the same issue. :wave:

I guess the two methods I've found (with or without Whatevergreen) work, but I've used an hybrid method WITH Whatevergreen installed:
ACPI: check AddIMEI (second page of Fixes in Clover Configurator)
Devices/Fake ID: IntelGFX > 0x01628086 and IMEI > 0x1e3a8086
SMBIOS: Macmini6,1 (or iMac13,1 or iMac13,2 — doesn't seem to matter much)
+ patch with Hackintool using the recommended 0x0166000A platform-id and checking DP->HDMI in Patch/Advanced — no spoof or anything else.

=> Beware that the Device ID is actually 0x01628086 and not 0x01668086 as it appears in Hackintool for the 0x0166000A platform-id! (you might want to try 0x01620005, 6 or 7 and have the Device ID spoofed by Hackintool, I'm quite sure it would work — note that 0x01620007 is headless so it's probably not a good choice... ;) )

=> Whatevergreen's FAQ says that you need an SSDT-IMEI.aml in /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched + PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x16,0x0) > device-id 3A1E0000 in Devices/Properties if using an Ivy/Sandy mix but it proved being useless (or perhaps equivalent to Fake ID/IMEI 0x1e3a8086 — which I find more easy)

Just for the sake of science, here's my config.plist. :headbang:


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Sep 22, 2011
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@Nodarkthings - that's the most incredible display of patience and persistence! Well done!!!
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