I2C trackpad support with VoodooI2C

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Jun 24, 2015
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Over the last few months, I've been working on getting my laptop to work with macOS Sierra. The last thing left on the list is to make the trackpad work, as having to use an external mouse as the only way of interacting with the pointer has grown very frustrating.

The laptop is a Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK, and it has an I2C trackpad. (Specifically, its name is SYNA2B29 in IORegistryExplorer) So, naturally, I installed the voodooI2C kext hoping for the best, but... nothing. I applied all the INT3442 etc patches, and none worked. I disabled the other I2C devices in my DSDT, and again, nothing worked. After posting about this in another thread about writing a patch for my battery, I was advised that my trackpad is probably unsupported in voodooI2C. So, between work and school I've decided to try and add support for it. But when I look in the VoodooI2C source code, at the IONameMatch in the Info.plist specifically, I see that one of the names listed is exactly what the IOName property of my trackpad is.

Doesn't this mean that the driver should be loaded for my trackpad? Does this mean my trackpad should work with VoodooI2C already, and there's something I'm not seeing? I don't see any VoodooI2C entries in IORegExplorer, as is what happens with VoodooHDA and ACPIBatteryManager, etc.

My trackpad's IOName is one of those listed in the IONameMatch property of the VoodooI2C info.plist, but it doesn't work with VoodooI2C. Does this mean it should, and there's something I'm doing wrong? Or am I correct in assuming I'll have to add support to the driver for it myself?

Attached is a copy of ioreg and also of my DSDT.dsl, along with an image of what I'm describing in case anyone is kind enough to take a look. This laptop is also the one listed in my profile.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this!


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