I make my Studio Great Again

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Feb 12, 2017
Hey, first thanks for this great forum with a lot of informations.

I am a Producer, so my Focus is on a Quiet Desktop Computer.

At the moment a run a MacBookPro with Two Apollo Thunderbolt Soundcards, and a RME 800.

The System is running well, but the Noise from the Ventilation is tooooo loud, I have also a Mac mini here, but this not enough for my work.

I Record more than 50 Tracks at one time.

I try also a iMac but same problem with the noise, it´s to loud.

I don´t want a Hackintosh because of saving Money, but I don´t wanna buy a Mac Pro which is 3 Years Old for the same Price.
Maybe in March there is a new Mac Pro. But if not, I want to be ready to built a Hackintosh.

For me it´s really important that the System is stabil.

I think the most important is the Motherboard, at the same time it´s the most difficult to choose.

Defintly I need 2 real Thunderbolt2 Ports, one for my Apollo Soundcards, and one for my external Hardrives.

I can´t find the right one, or I don't understand the Configurations, when I check Asus, I understand they have only one Thunderbolt??????

These are the most Important Points for me....

1. 100% Compatible to Core Midi & Core Audio
2. 2 * Thunderbolt2 Connections
3. 2 HDMI Outs / External Card or Motherboard?
4. Love my Apple Magic Mouse via Bluetooth
5. Mac Sierra

I hope you can help me with the Start.

Best Markus.
Not open for further replies.